Committee for 2015

If you are interested in joining or helping with the committee, please contact the Secretary, from the Contact Us page (use topic of "Other").

In these days of digital communication, most committee business is conducted electronically.  However, face to face meetings are held a couple of times per year for important issues. Minutes are available to all our members. Please contact the Secretary of you would like to see these.

Direct contact details for committee members can be found in the latest Slingshot. From this website, use the form on the Contact Us page and set the topic as instructed on that page: an email will be forwarded to the relevant committee member. Notes on direction of correspondence can also be found on the Contact Us page.


The following are officers of the committee:

  • Roy Boss - President
  • Patrick Waterson - Secretary
  • Richard Jeffrey-Cook - Treasurer
  • Paul Innes - Slingshot editor

There are also three Life Vice Presidents: Phil Barker, Matthew Bennett & Phil Steele

Other Committee Members and Roles

The following sit in on committee meetings as members of the committee:

  • Richard Lockwood - Battle Day Organiser and Trade Liaison
  • Martin Smith - Championship coordinator
  • Phil Sabin
  • Rick Priestley
  • Paul Innes
  • Rob Broom
  • David Edwards
  • Nick Harbud - Membership Secretary
  • John Graham-Leigh - Postal Sales
  • Toby Partridge & Justin Swanton - Webmaster
  • Aaron Bell - Publicity
  • Dave Hollin - Social Media

Committee Associates

These people are not on the Committee but generously give their time to help:

  • Phil Steele - Shows North team
  • Eric Cruttenden - Display Games