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Middle Imperial Roman Legions-Shield patterns?

Started by Anton, March 22, 2020, 04:59:33 PM

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I have a couple of bags of Middle Imperial Legionaries from Forged in Battle.  They are very nice sculpts and, even better, I got them at a discount.  I'm about to paint a specimen stand and I've suddenly realised I haven't a clue about the correct shield patterns.

Any advice will be most gratefully received.

Duncan Head

Depending on date, search for images of the Dura shields - apart from the famous rectangular scutum, there are several oval shields - here is one of them. May not be legionary, of course.

Reliefs of II Parthica of the Severan era from Apamea show a simple cross - tombstone here, reconstructions here. This may of course have been only part of the design, with details filled in in paint.

On the Arch of Galerius there are shields that may be those of the elite Diocletianic legions,  Ioviani and Herculiani at the end of the "Middle Imperial" period.
Duncan Head