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Society of Ancients Northern DBA Cup at Triples 2013
« on: May 24, 2013, 04:04:20 PM »

Pick up and play DBA tournament - 5 scenario games drawn at random each round - on the Saturday at Triples, sponsored by the Society of Ancients and counting for the SoA UK DBA League.

This year's scenarios followed a Far East theme ...
I/10 Melukhkhan vs I/23a Vedic Indian; I/13b Shang Chinese vs I/14a Early Northern Barbarian; I/32c Western Chou vs I/43a Early Hu; III/9 Burmese vs I/49d Early Vietnamese; II/4b Yeuh Chinese vs II/4a Ch'in Chinese; III/20a Sui Chinese vs III/20b Early Tang Chinese; III/61 Sung Chinese vs III/54 Early Samurai; IV/15 Qara Khitan vs IV/35 Mongol Conquest ...

The event is organised annually by Paul Murgatroyd and Tony Morley who provide all the armies and boards, and is hosted by the Sheffield Wargames Society at their annual show Triples.

Thanks to all involved and congratulations to all the players.  The podium places were ...  Mark Johnson (1st), Sandy Carruthers (2nd), and Tom Whitehead and Graham Fordham (tied in 3rd).

A Society team took part sharing games between myself, Chris Ager and Ian Russell Lowell ... Chris won a game which meant we didn't finish last.   The organisers invited me to present prizes on the Society's behalf.

There are a few more glimpses of our weekend at Triples on Ancients on the Move/Triples 2013

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