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Society activities at Colours 2013
« on: September 06, 2013, 06:33:32 PM »
Saturday: 25mm Lost Battles (Sabin, Cruttenden et al) Gaugamela
(please correct if I have any of that wrong ... I will bge helping man the membership stand: do drop by)

Sunday: 54mm DBA (me) Bosworth
plus ...
I will have plenty of tables left over (Bosworth takes up less space than Gaugamela) ... and we could, for instance, use that space to exhibit Phil Barker's old flats collection from the 1960s which I recently took into my memorabilia collection.   Would there be interest in that (i.e. would anyone going to Colours be interested in a flats display?)?   I think it would be pretty easy to arrange, and I'm sure the show organisers would rather us make use of the freed up space than just have them take the spare tables away.

Let me know

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