About the Society

The Society of Ancients is a long-established international amateur society for the promotion of the study of ancient and medieval military history and wargaming the period 3000 BC to 1500 AD. It is run by volunteers for the benefit of its worldwide membership.

The Society publishes a bi-monthly journal, Slingshot, containing a wide range of items related to Ancient and Medieval military history and wargaming contributed by Society members.  It organises various events, including an annual games day and members' conference, and runs a wargames championship.  The Society also publishes a number of games and booklets which are available from our web store.

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Membership is open to all, and lasts for 6 issues of Slingshot.




President-Elect Q&A


As Roy Boss has announced his intention to stand down after many years of service, Dr Simon Elliott recently became the President elect of the Society of Ancients, and will take over on the 1st of January, 2021.


He is an award winning and best selling historian, archaeologist, author, broadcaster, Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Kent, Trustee of the Council for British Archaeology, Ambassador for Museum of London Archaeology and Guide Lecturer for Andante Travels. Simon has a PhD in Classics and Archaeology from the University of Kent, an MA in archaeology from UCL and an MA in War Studies from KCL, where has was most fortunate to study conflict simulation under Professor Phil Sabin.


He currently has nine books published on a variety of themes regarding ancient warfare, one an Amazon number 1 best seller and one a Military History Matters book of the year. He frequently appears on broadcast media as an expert on the Roman world. Simon is also a PR Week Award winning, highly experienced communications practitioner. Most importantly, Simon is a passionate lifelong wargamer who is very keen to continue to promote our fantastic hobby to the whole community.


Over his long gaming career he has played a wide variety of rules, beginning with WRG 5th edition in the late 1970s and following with 6th and 7th edition, DBA, DBM, DBMM, Armati and most recently Mortem et Gloriam. In terms of scale Simon enjoys playing games in a wide variety, including 28mm, 15mm, 10mm and 1/300, and also enjoys PC and board games.


Simon is also very active on social media, reflecting his career as a public relations practitioner. Members can read about his exploits in the world of history, archaeology, broadcasting and wargaming on his website at www.simonelliott20.com and follow him on twitter at @SimonElliott20.


In the meantime, Simon is keen to engage with the on-line membership via the forum, so a new forum board has been set up called 'Society President Q&A', under the existing Announcements board.  Simon will be answering questions on here from Monday.




The Society needs you!

The Society of Ancients is a volunteer organisation, and relies on its members.  It's very easy to join -– just go to the join page, add a membership to your cart and check out using Paypal.  You can alternatively download a postal membership form.  Membership costs £27 for 6 issues of Slingshot (normally a year).


Membership now runs for six issues from the point that you subscribe from, rather than annually.  The Join page will tell you the first issue you will receive and your membership number will tell you the issue after which you need to renew.  Renewal is easy - just purchase a new subscription in the webstore and the membership secretary will match up your details.

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