Slingshot 284, September/October 2012

52 pages, containing articles on:

  • Editorial: Slings & Arrows
  • Guardroom
  • How many dead?, by Andrew Hobley
  • The Wrong Procopius, by Jim Sye
  • The Battle of Clontarf, by Mick Hession
  • Catalan Fleet, Sicilian Vespers, by Jim Webster
  • Transjordanian Tales, Part One: Ramesses Attacks!, by Alastair McBeath
  • DBA Tournament Reports, by Martin Smith
  • I Come to Praise Warmaster … , by Justin Taylor
  • Wargames Competitions Made Simple, by Ray Briggs
  • Adapting the Day of Battle Command System to Command & Colors Games, by Chris Parker
  • Game & Figure Reviews, by Christopher Kay, John Curry, Fred Cartwright, Dave Gee & David Edwards
  • Book Reviews, by John Walsh, Dave Gee, Duncan Head, Anthony Clipsom & John Hastings

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