Slingshot 283, July/August 2012

48 pages, containing articles on:

  • Editorial: Slings & Arrows
  • After Hannibal, by Julian Lorriman
  • A Short History of the Iberian Peninsula from 400 to 1100AD – Part 2: The Visigoths in Iberia, by Robert Heiligers
  • Numidian Armies, by Jim Webster
  • Plataea 479BC: Introduction, by Richard Lockwood
  • Battle Day 2012 Gallery
  • Modelling the Field of Plataea for Warmaster Ancients, by Ross Bigley
  • Plataea with Warmaster Ancients., by Jeremy Giles
  • Plataea With Armati, by Will Whyler
  • Plataea With Command & Colors: Ancients, by Mark Richards
  • Plataea With DBMM, by Toby Partridge
  • Plataea with Lost Battles by Philip Sabin
  • Plataea with Warlord & War and Conquest, by Trevor Halsall & Rob Broom
  • Plataea with Tony Bath’s Peltast & Pila, by Daivid Barnsdale
  • Painting an Etruscan Hoplite, by Jamie Welling

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