Slingshot 280, January/February 2012

48 pages, containing articles on:

  • War Elephant, by Patrick Waterson 
  • East Roman Cavalry Warfare and Tactics, c. 410-641 Part 2, by Ilkka ‘Ike’ Syvänne
  • The Golden Age of the Franks (751-843 AD) Part 5, by Robert Heiligers 
  • Sound the Trumpets, by David Edwards 
  • Naval Battles of the Lamian War 323-322 BC, by Rob Brennan 
  • A Moonlit Night at the Ilian Palladium, by Alastair McBeath 
  • Do-It-Yourself Transfers, by Lawrence Greaves 
  • Problems with DBA, by Richard Gill 
  • Where Less is More: Improvements in the Use of Field of Glory, by Steven Neate
  • DBA in New Zealand - Reflections on 2011, by Keith McNelly 
  • The English DBA Open, October 2011, by Martin Smith 
  • ‘On they went with loud shouts...’, Society of Ancients Battle Day 2012: Plataea 479 BC, by Richard Lockwood and Daivid Barnsdale
  • Rules, Book and Game Reviews

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