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Is There Anybody Out There?

Started by Philippe B., September 05, 2015, 01:02:48 PM

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Philippe B.

Hello everyone, i' m new to this forum, first year in the society, living in Quebec, canada; town, Sherbrooke. 34 years of age if it matters and i mostly talk in french but good enough in english i presume.

For the last 12 years i played mostly board war game of WWII but slowly i touched other era and like most of them.

I just wanted to know if there is people near me that play wargames board or miniatures in a non-tournament+Irish Whiskey way.

I own hundreds of wargames but i would prefer to try new ones, i love reading rulebooks so i can do the theory before and then you can destroy me on practice.

for miniatures i own few : i painted a little persian army, i also started a republican roman army, and i have a completed non painted macedonian+greek army, all about the same period and all around 50 figures each army. i can buy more but i cant paint as fast as i buy ! they are 1:72.

The only rulebook for miniature i read entirely is Classical Hack Ancient and i forgot mostly all of it. But like i said learning new ones is no problem it is even a pleasure, i just need to find the book in paper i dont really like screen reading.

so thats it, should i buy a house in the Uk or is there some wargamers around here ?

philippe b.


Welcome Philippe! Can't help you with finding local players I'm sorry, but good luck with your search. Green Mountain Gamers seem to have some links to Sherbrooke on their page, so maybe you could contact them?

Funnily enough, I started with Classical Hack too :)

Cheers, Aaron

Justin Swanton

Salut Philippe,

Je parle le francais un peu aussi mais je reste generalement en anglais. Vous n'avez pas pense a VASSAL? On peut jouer des centaines de jeux de guerre en ligne. On peut meme y creer ses propres jeux.

Hope your stay with the SoA is an enjoyable one.


Phillipe, I understand that if you communicate with our membership secretary, Nick Harbud, he might send an Email to ther CanadiN members who may be near you. He won't give you their addresses as we have to be respectful of members' data, but he can send other Canadians yours if you are happy for that.