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Enfilade 2017 - Olympia, Washington Report
« on: June 03, 2017, 11:02:46 PM »
Ancients were well represented this year at the flagship Northwest Historical Gaming Society's annual convention, "Enfilade" held each year over the (US) Memorial Day Weekend (the last weekend in May). (Memorial Day dates back to 1868 and was initially a day set aside to decorate the graves of the 655,000 soldiers who died in the American Civil War).

There were two DBA tournaments (one based on the TV series 'Game of Thrones' so not exactly historical but it was hysterical...) and the Open DBA event.

There were at least 9 other DBA games (all of which were Big or Giant Battle), a couple of Field of Glory, a couple of "Hail Shoguns" (a Hail Caesars derivative), a Sword and Spear, a Saga, a Bear Yourselves Valiantly, an Armati 2, a couple of "Quetzacoatl Rampants" (A Lion Rampant derivative), a couple of other Lion Rampant, an Oars and Rams, a "Sengoku Samurai" game, and several 'home brew' ancients games.

Overall some 65 games were put on over the course of the weekend with some 400+ in attendance.

If anyone is ever in the Seattle area at the end of May be sure to plan to attend - cost is just $35 for the entire weekend.
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Re: Enfilade 2017 - Olympia, Washington Report
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looks like a really big varied and fun event Dave and I like the fact that they normally do a kids painting competition which should help draw in a few new/younger players hopefully.

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