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Are there any SoA members in the Whitby area of North Yorkshire? (other than me)

Started by CarlL, January 17, 2020, 06:51:20 PM

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Hi all SoA members,
Having been a nomad, of sorts, most of my working life then its no surprise (to some!) that I am about to wander off again in my retirement as I head off to Whitby, in North Yorkshire at the end of the month, (January 2020).
Initially my paints, figures, boxed games, rules and history books (many figures and books on ancient subjects but many on other, later periods right up to WW2) will be in storage of sorts as we settle into our new home and we try to convert the garage to a library, paint space and games space (if its big enough).
I would be interested to meet up with any SoA members for figure games, board games, (or half way houses like Gladiolus or Imperial Governor / Strategos; or out of period Kingmaker, Axis & Allies or fictional Risk!), or just for a coffee or beer and natter.
I don't move to Whitby till late January, so at this stage I am just trying to learn if there are like minded souls or SoA members in that area of North Yorkshire!?
I joined the SoA in either 1973 or 1974! (So long ago I have forgotten!) But hopefully I am not as doddering as that suggests!


Hello Carl L.

Does Pickering count as near Whitby? I have been there since 2013 and been somewhat in Wargaming Exile. I have only really found one kindred spirit, Dave Dickenson, and he lives in York. I tried the Club in York but "historical" Gamers were few and far between..... in fact for the ancient/medieval period Dave was the only one.
I have met a potential gamer here in Pickering but not got beyond an initial meet-up in a Café. We plan to try and get games together in the near future.
Anyway. Rather than take up Forum space, perhaps we should contact outside it.
Drop me an email and we can take it from there.


I think that Pickering counts as close!
I usually drive through Pickering from my current home on our weekend jaunts to Whitby and its a short drive from Pickering to Whitby (in good weather! gets slower going in wet and misty weather or on busy tourist days!!!).

There is a warhammer like shop in Baxtergate, Whitby, called OP31 where they have games tables and do some historical and mostly warhammer; and a "Collectibles" shop on Skinner Street, doing mainly trains but Airfix too; so I guess there must be some model mkers historical gamers other than passing tourist trade.

So once we get settled I shall get in touch. (I shall have to learn how to contact people by their email off Forum...??!!)




Quote from: aligern on January 19, 2020, 10:19:23 AM
Carl, is the Magpie still the best fish and chips?

I've always suspected that Whitby natives only tell tourists this.  While those poor souls queue for ages outside in the rain, sniggering locals visit other places known only to them.



Sorry Roy,
Its taken  me 17 months to realise I never replied!!
I hope you and your wife have kept well in these plague ridden times!!??

More fish & chip eateries than pubs in Whitby, and there are lots of pubs (or there were pre covid!).  Many good ones both fish & chips & pubs!! Not many alternatives to fish & chips. Couple of good Italians, a good Thai restaurant, and couple of average Curry houses.  I found a lovely vegan food outlet for Craig - its Cranberry Swamp on Skinner Street - they also do non Vegan (and do it really well), when open its my favourite place to eat out in Whitby!! (They do lovely bottled ale too, both vegan and traditional!!) If you ever fancy wargame show up north we shall put you up and take you to sample the delights, Roy.
Mind the nearest show to here is still and hour plus run!! (Probably 75mins to York, so me and Maggy usually stay in York for Vapnartak; or 90 mins drive to Stockton for one of the BEST mid size shows in UK ie "Battleground" at Queens campus in Stockton, usually in mid to late November!)
Personally if going out for fish & chips, I prefer the "Fishermans Wife" at the mouth of the river Esk, with its great sea views and great food - seafood beyond fish & chips which it also does well.
Mind in the last 15 months there has not been much going out. None save for that short remission last summer!!
If you want a hidden gem there is the Silver Street Fishery - take away only (I know they all are currently!! But in normal times. It did have an outdoor bench area for those wanting to stop to eat but covid put paid to that of course and its now a queuing area!!)
Hope to catch up with you in person Roy at Armati by the Sea or some such when quarantine ends!!
All best
Carl, Whitby

Graham C

Maybe a little too far but there are five of us who play DBA BBDBA boardgames etc at the Redcar Club which meets at the Cleveland Bay Mondays and Thursdays although restrictions in place at the moment.
Also check out gaming figures in redcar sells a lot of historical pieces


Graham C., thank you for posting. DBA and BigBattleDBA can be fun. Are you playing a boardgame version (I assume ppaper / card bases over map like flat terrain) and figureless?
Its a fair bus ride or car journey from Whitby, but do-able. Is this part of the Redcar Ironbeards? Perhaps not as they used to meet at the Coatham Memorial Hall pre -covid and pre-that space becoming a cafe? Cleveland Bay? Is that a pub? (I dont know Redcar been there a couple of times.)
I assume the restrictions are on how many can participate given social distancing? (Tell me more please!)
Is "GAMING FIGURES" a shop in Redcar? (Will google!)
All sounds good news


Found "Gaming Figures" of Redcar. Well stocked or wide sourcing shop from its online presence. Also reminds me how far I have drifted from the current 28mm 'mainstream' in terms of my games / figure interests!! Must be the Victor Meldrew in me....

Also found the Cleveland Bay, in Redcar. Looks smart. And pretty central. The X4 bus stops on the Coast Road, near Walnut grove, which is walkable to the Cleveland Bay. Of course this bus doesn't run late to Whitby (I think 19.05 is last one back to Whitby) so evening outings would have to be car, which fortunately I still have!


Well Grant, who knows me through the (lapsed) Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers, would probably tell you "I can be a bit slow" and he may be right. Today I got to meet Hannipaul, just over 18 months after he posted his reply (above), which he did the day after my original post!
I can cite covid and two house moves as delaying factors, but really guilty "as charged".
It was great to meet up with you Paul.  Thank you for your hospitality.

Mind, I still haven't played an ancients game since I moved more north(ish) in January 2020. (Ish.. on account of when I last played in Glasgow there was still plenty more space north of me, so its all relative till the Orkneys I suppose!)
And only played ONE non-solo wargame in North Yorkshire (a Napoleonics - thanks Ian) since I moved!! Mainly due to covid but also trying to juggle other roles. So apologies to Mark who invited me to another Napoleonic game but I was in London with two of my grandsons.  Also apologies to the guys in Sunderland and Redcar who have invited me to DBMM and DBA events but I have not got there. (On the latter two occasions its probably the "old fart" in me who is still fearful of being downed by the covid plague that's still in our midst.)

Onwards to more gaming!


Graham C

So sorry I haven't picked up on your comments, Gav's shop Gaming figures is well stocked and he orders regularly from Victoria, Warlord, North Star. He also has gaming tables ( about 3 ) which can be booked.
The Bay is definitely within walking distance of the Bay and Redcar East station is right next door but travelling by train from Whitby can be a bit chewy as you have to change trains at Middlesbrough. Car is definitely easier.
I sold nearly all my 28mm Ancients but may be drifting back. The gamers all play 15mm ancients and have also been trying out MEG
Two of us do play and have a large collection of board games to fill in the gaps!