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Re: The future of wargaming shows...
« Reply #60 on: July 21, 2021, 05:26:44 PM »
I just got a notification on Historicon which has been postponed to November from the summer this year. Here's what the organizers had to say:

We also wanted to let you know that, as a necessary part of convention planning, we have continued considering needs related to safety and the COVID-19 pandemic. HMGS policy on COVID-19 has always been to adhere to all legal requirements and to follow CDC recommendations regarding restrictions. Right now neither the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania nor the Valley Forge Casino Resort is requiring any restrictions regarding COVID-19. At the same time, we recognize that our attendees need to be and feel safe. In an effort to balance what's required with what participants may need for safety, Historicon will be taking the following steps:
  • Hand sanitizer will continue to be plentiful.
  • We encourage anyone who wishes to wear a mask to do so.
  • Due to the extended period of close contact necessary to play games, we are giving GMs the opportunity to require that their players wear masks. GMs' choices regarding masks will be included in the PEL.
  • In the past, as a member organization, HGMS has required that your badge include your actual name and that your account in our registration system include at least one way of contacting you (email, phone #, address). In case contact tracing is needed, we'll especially emphasize the need to comply with these requirements this year.
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Re: The future of wargaming shows...
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Setting aside health effects, I'd question the economic viability of 'socially distanced' show with a lot fewer punters.
Given that the organisers will have extra stress and cost, they're unlikely to be able to cut table costs etc, which means that traders are faced with the same entry cost, plus their own extra cost because of covid etc, knowing there will be fewer people present to buy stuff.

Certainly if I was asked about running a show my advice would be to forget it. However much I want to go to one.

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