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Victoria BC Canada

Started by Aetius, December 01, 2021, 03:43:23 PM

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Are there any players interested in playing in Victoria? I have a Greek Army, Macedonian Army and a Persian Army. We could play from Marathon through Gaugamela...



It's a small world, John, I have a cousin on Vancouver Island, BC, but he isn't a wargamer!! Sorry.. CarlL

Keep digging John, you never know what you might find. I also googled things like model and wargames shops and so forth to try and find useful info about my location and leads to others.  Sadly the one gaming shop (a Warhammer style shop with tables to play and cafe) shut down after first wave of covid.
From my initial post here (nearly two years ago) about my location I got several helpful responses and since lifting of covid I have met up face to face (and wargamed with) with 1 SoA member and 7 "new to me" wargamers, 4 of the 8 in walking distance from my home and 4 others a drive away (3 short, one long!)

Jon Freitag

John, there are at least two bloggers I follow based on Vancouver Island.  Perhaps you could contact them via their blogs?  I will send that info on to you.


Thanks guys, Once we have a better handle on the omicron virus I will be looking for wargamers to play. Please post or PM me any relevant information...



I have only just seen this post.  I have just been in Vancouver and Victoria for a couple of weeks - without my armies, which overlap with yours - and am likely to be back there quite frequently as my daughter is now in university in Vancouver.  I'll let you know when I will next be there if you would accept a flying visit for a quick game?  I am normally based in Hong Kong.



John has not been active on the forum since June 2022, so may not pick up your message.