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Whitby/Scarborough/Middlesbrough area

Started by Martin Smith, January 15, 2023, 12:52:06 PM

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Martin, Anthony, Nik and Denis,  I am surprised by your shock as my core point is enshrined in the Forum rule which I quoted above and which I presumed was the basis for posting here (but not reading here).

I am happy that our Society allows open debate about its practices and principles. I was shocked to hear that you would want to delete this debate or delete what can be read.

In my long history of being an SoA member (forgotten now if it was 1974 when I joined) I have only once asked for something to be deleted and that was my place of residence when I had not consented to it being given out.  Similarly I have been a member of other specialist wargames Society / Club(s)... currently two others... and I have only once asked for something to be deleted and again personal information I had not consented to somebody else sharing. 

I would not put in 'print' (or its social media equivalent in our case) what I do not hold to be true, and I would refrain from sharing others personal information (not simply because of the law but because in principle because it belongs to others not me).

So I was truly surprised at the call to remove part or all of our debate above. This would seem a very 'Stalinistic' airbrushing of open debate (in our Society, albeit a closed group in terms of input).  Open debate helps us evaluate the running of our Society as well as our (as in members) perceptions of our Society; the history we enjoy reading or researching; and the games or figures and models we end up making or painting.  We may have to make guesses or use our artistic licence when putting paint to tin men to represent our perception of their history or appearance.

However I had thought the Forum rules about the operation of this section of our Forum were clear (and fixed) and I was shocked to find information could be exchanged about non members with members (who would be unaware of this unless stated).

May your shock find relief in honest debate and in the pleasure of our Society sharing knowledge about history, gaming styles, and where and how others game.



To be clear Carl, I am not at all shocked and support the idea of open debate within the society.  However, the issue was raised that certain members were concerned that the debate could be seen by those outside the society and that debate could be misinterpreted by onlookers to the disbenefit of the society.  Hence the option of moving it whole to a members only area.  Nick has not commented on this suggestion, which suggests to me he is happy with the status quo. 

Denis Grey

To be clear on my part, I wasn't shocked either.  As I said in my initial response, I had wondered whether that might not be the root of your concern.

The rule is, as you say, very clear*.  However, it is not the law of the Medes and the Persians.

Edit:  *I've just noticed that the rule in question was changed a few days ago.


Thank you Denis, I had not realised the Forum rules had changed.

Interesting changes.

More interesting the 'unseen hand' that changes the rules and no notifications of same..... time was it would need a Special General Meeting to change any SoA rules.... :)

Now there is a question about closed groups... how SoA rules are changed and by whom .... answers on a postcard? .... but life is too short.... I have figures to paint, games to play, and not enough cash to train it to London for a Special AGM.... ;)