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Calling Swordpoint Players in the North East UK?

Started by Atheling, November 11, 2023, 02:56:52 PM

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I'm looking for Swordpoint (as sold by Gripping Beast) players in the North East of the UK.

If you can make it to the Durham club where we have masses of space to play games from 6 x 4' up to 12 x 6' and larger is tables are combined.

Happy to play classical, "Dark Ages" and Medieval from any of the supplements. Due to the pandemic and various other health matters I have been unable to play any games until a few months ago so I'm raring to go! I am due to medical reasons unable to drive but you would be more than welcome at our club.

Please feel free to PM me on here or email me at darrell DOT hindley AT googlemail DOT com if you are interested.

Durham Wargames Group:

Imperial Dave

Slingshot Editor


Quote from: Imperial Dave on November 11, 2023, 04:24:57 PMAnd how do you find swordpoint to play Darryl?

Well, that's just it, I haven't managed to play a game yet and the guys at the club are very reluctant.

From reading through the rules I think that the emphasis on the maintenance of the "Line of Battle" is a serious plus and the movement simplification, whilst not allowing players to abuse the rule is likewise a huge positive.

I'd like to get a few games under my belt, enter the "dark ages" tournament at Britcon later next year and see how things pan out.

I'm not one for just having a few miniatures on the tabletop and like my units to look like collections of soldiers and not gaming pieces (though that is what they are I suppose).

Imperial Dave

Slingshot Editor