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Change of venue for FDWC

Started by Dave Knight, March 06, 2024, 04:53:51 PM

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Dave Knight

The Falkirk District Wargames Club has had a forced change of venue from Grangemouth to the Low Port Centre in Linlithgow.  Our old hall is one of over 130 Community assets being closed by Falkirk Council.
 We have retained our Monday evening slot but the hours are now 6pm to 10pm.  Normal turnout is in the 30 to 40 range.
The new venue has just been refurbished and is an improvement on the previous one which was rather tired. There is plenty of car parking and Linlithgow train station is literally 2 minutes away.
ADLG is very popular with 3 or 4 games every week, together with occasional games of Test of Resolve, DBA, SAGA and Thalassa.  Many other periods/rules both historical and SFF are played as well as boardgames and RPG.

Dave Knight

We are back to pre move numbers with 38 players taking part in 13 games last night, 3 Fantasy/SF and 10 historical.  Of the 10 5 were ADLG which remains very popular.  Other rules in our period that sometimes get played are Lion Rampant, Thalassa and the Wofun ones.  Oh and Test of Resolve of course 8)

Imperial Dave

Slingshot Editor