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(SALE) Books, History/Ospreys and the Odd Rule book!

Started by Atheling, November 12, 2023, 11:13:13 AM

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(Empress miniatures/Iron Duke Indian mutiny British and "Mutineers" plus Empress miniatures Maori's to be soon!)

Some military history, some Ospreys and the like and the odd rule book For Sale.

Buyer Pays Postage (I'll get the best rate I can for you and weigh each package at the PO- please remember books can be reasonably heavy)

Payment via Paypal

Please contact me here via PM or email me at:

darrell DOT hindley AT googlemail DOT com

(Hardcover) Never Greater Slaughter, Brunanburh and the birth of England, Michael Livingstone SOLD
(Hardcover)Military History of Late Rome 565-602, Illkka  Syvanne- SOLD
Celtic Warriors 400BC - AD 1600, Tim Newark, Angus McBride- £5- SOLD
La Battaglia Dei Giganti/Battle of Marignano 14th Sept 1515, Fillipo Donvito, Luca S Cristini- SOLD
The Italian Wars Volume III, Francis I and the Battle of Pavia 1525, Massimo Predonzani, Vincento Alberici- SOLD
Byzantine imperial Guardsman 925-1025, The Taghmata and Imperial Guard, Raffaele D'Amato, Giuseppe Rava- SOLD
Armies of the Carthaginian Wars 265-146BC, Terence Wise, Richard Hook- SOLD
The Thracians- 700BC - AD46, Christopher Webber, angus McBride- SOLD
Roman Heavy Cavalryman AD 500-1450, Andrey Negin, Raffaele D'Amato- SOLD

Seleucid and Ptolemaic Reformed 168-Armies 168-145BC. Volume 1, Nick Sekunda, Angus McBride- £45 (cost me £90!)

(Hardcover) Never Greater Slaughter, Brunanburh and the birth of England, Michael Livingstone x1 - £10Still One Copy Left

Bonnie Blue Flag, Fast play Wargames Rules for Fighting Battles During the American Civil War, Kevin Calder- £8

Combat: Roman Legionary vs Carthaginian Warrior, Second Punic War 217-206BC, David Campbell- £-6[/u]