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Lake Trasimene

Started by Jon Freitag, February 08, 2024, 02:57:08 PM

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Jon Freitag

Hannibal v Flaminius along the shore of Lake Trasimene. 
28mm figures played on a hex grid.

The battle mirrored the historical result but the battle was close.

...and Flaminius takes a swim.

Full battle report at Battle of Lake Trasimene


A difficult battle to wargame, but you seem have to have made a pretty good fist of it Jon!

Imperial Dave

Are those Romans marines?
Slingshot Editor


Given their location it looks like they will soon be sub-marines.

Jon Freitag

You fellas are killing me!

Yes, Flaminius and his legion went for a swim.  With their armor, most have joined the bottom feeders on the lake floor.

Imperial Dave

Slingshot Editor