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Colours Newbury - Traders

Started by Nick Harbud, May 13, 2024, 03:50:47 PM

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Nick Harbud

Well, the show is filling up fast.  Here are the traders who have booked so far:

1-72 Model Figures
ABC Brushes
Anschluss Wargames
Athena Miniatures Ltd
Battlezone Miniatures
Beowulf Miniatures Printing
Black Scorpion miniatures
Brigade Models
Charlie Foxtrot Models
Crooked Dice
Cuirassier Books
Culverin Models
David Lanchester Military Books
Debris of War
Deep-Cut Studio
Disain Studio
Forged in Battle
        Eagle Figures
Entoyment Wargaming and Hobby Centre
Essex Miniatures
Great Escape Games
Gringo 40's
Gripping Beast
Heroics & Ros
Instant Armies
Irongate scenery
KR Cases
Last Man Last Bullet
Magnetic Displays/Coritani
Mammoth Miniatures
Milli Art
MC Model Painting Services
Newline Designs
Oakbound Studio
        Parkfield Miniatures
Paul Meekins Books
Perry Miniatures
Peter Pig
Products for Wargamers
Rapid Fire and Valiant Miniatures
ROK Minis
Sarissa Precision
Sheppey Models
The Pit Gaming Shop
Tumbling Dice
Void Scar Miniatures
Warlord Games
Warpaint Figures
Westwind Productions

Many of these guys not only offer Society and/or show discounts, but welcome pre-orders.

Remember the date - 14th September

For further details, visit the Newbury & Reading website.
Nick Harbud

Imperial Dave

Slingshot Editor