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Partizan Wargames Show May 2024 Run Through

Started by Atheling, May 27, 2024, 02:07:46 PM

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Partizan Wargames Show May 2024 Pictorial Run Through and a Few Words Too Boot!

See and read about it all here:

Sample pics:

Imperial Dave

Excellent report Darrell and the photos ARE good!
Slingshot Editor


Thank you Atheling / Darrell for photos and link to more photos via Bedford blog.



You're welcome guys.

I was the only person bar Phil Hendry to be using a camera so that might account for the deeper "depth of field" in the shots?


Some great photos of lovely games including some marvellous ones in our period - the A&A miniatures 3rd century Romans look magnificent (and I already have Palmyrans and Sassanids...)