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Booking Opens For Society Convention 2024

Started by Nick Harbud, June 17, 2024, 11:35:05 AM

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Nick Harbud

The Society of Ancients Convention
25-27 October 2024
Madingley Hall, Cambridge CB23 8AQ

We are now open for bookings for this year's Convention, either

  • Using Paypal through the Society website
  • By cheque made payable to The Society of Ancients, sent to the Society Treasurer Richard Jeffrey-Cook, at the address given in Slingshot.

Deadlines etc for booking
This year Madingley Hall is imposing more stringent rules about booking, requiring us to commit to final numbers well in advance.

So this year if you wish to book for the Convention including accommodation then it is important that you do so before 31st August. After that date we will not be able to accept any further bookings.

In the same vein, I need to say something about cancellations, and in particular late cancellations. Once the above deadline has passed and we have booked you in to Madingley, we will be unable to make a refund. The venue will charge the Society based on numbers at that point, and we have to pass that cost on to those who have made the bookings. I recognise that "things happen" (among which weather and health events are but two) which can prevent attendance and I am very sympathetic towards this – but the Society is an amateur organisation which cannot afford to carry these risks. It is possible that an individual travel insurance policy may cover some or all of this risk, so those concerned by this may want to look into it.

What's on?
As usual at this time of year, I am still putting together the programme. I hope to post on the Forum any updates, and further emails sent out to members about the Convention should also contain some updated information.  So far confirmed:

Our keynote speaker on Saturday evening pre-dinner will be John Bassett OBE. John is an innovative game designer, stalwart member of Wargames Developments as well as being a sometime contributor to Slingshot over the years. And that is just his hobby bio! The subject of his talk is one of his long-held obsessions - the fall of the Roman Republic, and he will be running his own-designed committee game based on this the following day – so hear the talk, play the game!

We will have a talk from Dr Matthew Bennett on the poem and battle of Maldon 991 AD, based on material he put together back in 1991 for a talk to celebrate the 1000th anniversary. As a Society veteran, and indeed Convention veteran, Matt needs little introduction to members, so expect a stimulating discussion (including something on beserkers). And of course this will whet the appetite for the 2025 Battle Day, where many of us will be refighting our versions of the battle.

We also have a talk confirmed from Ian Piper on the subject of the Numidian general and prince Masinissa. Ian asks "Masinissa was considered quite an action hero by later generations of Romans if Appian is any guide, but who was he and who were the Numidians?" In addition, Ian will be running a related 28mm game featuring Numidians and Romans.

As for other games, we already have some crackers lined up!

  • Simon Macdowall will be running a game of his Society-published Greek hoplite warfare rules "Alala!"
  • The Society is also publishing a Wars of the Roses set of rules written by Adrian Nayler entitled "Blood Red Roses" – and Adrian will be there to run a game at the Convention with these period-specific rules.
  • A game of "Gangs of Rome" with spectacular scenery is promised.
  • There will be a bit of a naval theme with both a trireme game using "Oi Navarcoi!" rules and a big battle game using Langton 1/1200 models and featuring fleets of 30 or more models per side.
  • Some 28mm Romans on patrol looking for troublesome Britons...
  • A big Punic Wars battle refight

As ever, I am always looking for more people to run games, so if you are coming to the Convention and can run a game, please get in touch!

How much will it cost?
Same as last year!

So, get your booking made and we will see you there!  We are delighted to say that for the second year running we are able to hold the prices at the level of the previous year, as follows:

  • Full weekend package: Friday dinner, bed and breakfast; Saturday lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast; Sunday lunch; plus all teas/coffees - £326
  • Convention package: Saturday lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast; Sunday lunch; plus all teas/coffees - £221
  • Single Day only Saturday: includes Saturday lunch; plus all teas/coffees - £50
  • Single Day only Sunday: includes Sunday lunch; plus all teas/coffees - £50

So, please get booking your place as soon as possible, and remember the 31st August deadline. See you at Madingley in October!

Richard Lockwood
Nick Harbud

Dave Knight

I have booked.  Lets hope it is 3rd time lucky and I actually get to the Conference this time

Dave Knight


Quote from: Dave Knight on July 10, 2024, 05:20:03 PMI can put on a game of Test of Resolve

That's rather apt in the circumstances. Let's hope we have some quiet weather for the travelling this year.
Ian Piper
Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset

Dave Knight

I am going to build some contingency into my travelling arrangements this year