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Britcon Trade Show - 10/11th August, Nottingham

Started by madaxeman, July 06, 2024, 11:48:07 AM

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Britcon - Nottingham's own wargames show, August 10-11th.

Traders you'll be able to see at the show include:

7th City Games
ABC Brushes
Athena Miniatures Ltd
Bello Ludi
Chris Morris Books
e4M Miniatures
Epigram Games
FforFreddie Terra Firma
Footsore (Sarissa)
Gripping Beast
Hayland Games
Instant Armies & Veteran Mins
Ironclad Minis
Mammoth Miniatures
Pandyman Games
Perry Miniatures (Dave Thomas)
Ramshackle Games
Sarissa Precision
Sheppey Models
Surprised Stare Games
Tangent Miniatures
Templar Wargames & Miniatures Ltd
The Colour Forge
The Dice Miners
The Pit
The Square
Voidscar Miniatures
Wargames Atlantic (Sarissa)
Warlord Games
Warpaint Figures
Westwind / Forged in Battle
Witch Hunt
Winterdyne Commission Modelling

As well as demo and participation games there is a well stocked Bring & Buy, the chance to meet The Perry Twins and Jervis Johnson (on Saturday) and meet the team behind Never Mind The Billhooks (Sunday) in the Wargames Illustrated "Wi Room",  ogle in amazement at the tables in the Too Fat Lardies "Lard Workshop" Games Day, pick the brains of some of Warlord Games' in-house pro-painting team, try Footsore Mini's new Fantasy skirmish game (Sunday only), sample some Britcon Ale at our onsite bar and see hundreds of competition games in progress across over 20 different ruleset!
For a full exhibitor listing and advance FREE registration visit

Imperial Dave

a good selection of vendors, games and my favourite...Bring and Buy  :)
Slingshot Editor


Is this the only wargames show with it's own beer?

Imperial Dave

Slingshot Editor