A successful Battle Day 2016

Another successful Battle Day was fought out on Saturday 2 April. We had 13 games and nearly 60 players, which is "above par" for both games and attendance, so we should be very pleased with that.

Much thanks must go to the groups who organised and put on the games - without this the Battle Day would not exist. It was good to see two new "Game Organisers" running games for the first time at Battle Day, making up for a couple of stalwart groups who could not make it this year.

We had most "popular" rule sets represented, and including one under development. We also had two games that used novel approaches: one game played the main legionary action in 6mm using Phil Sabin's Lost Battles rules, while playing out the vital cavalry action on the flank in 10mm with Hail Caesar rules, and funnelling the appropriate 6mm figures back into the main battle at the appropriate times - it seemed to work well. The other game used Piquet Archon rules and 2mm figures, but had two "telescopic zones" on large circles where the action was fought out in 15mm. It is exciting to see such innovative ways to deal with refights and I look forward to reading the full write-ups on these in future Slingshots.

Look out for news soon of the chosen battle for 2017…


Richard Lockwood