The Society of Ancients Forums are an exciting and vibrant place to discuss all aspects of ancient history and warfare. Access to view some of the forums is open to non-members, but in order to view all the forums and to post or reply to discussions on the forums, you much be a member of the Society of Ancients. You can easily join the Society of Ancients via this website.


Members gain access to all of the forums. In order to gain access to the forums, please email the webmaster with your name, email address and membership number, requesting an invitation to join the forum. You will then be sent an invitation that will allow you to select a username and join the forums. Your membership number will have been emailed to you when you joined, or will be on the envelope of your most recent issue of Slingshot.


The subset of forums that are available for viewing by non-members is subject to change without notice. The best way to ensure that you always have access is to join the Society of Ancients. Access to the forums will also be withdrawn if you allow your membership to lapse, so remember to renew your membership to keep your access.


You can access the forums using the button below: