Front cover of the Call It Qids rules booklet

Call it Qids


The SoA 2012 bonus game is now available for separate purchase. Call it Qids is a fast paced, highly replayable game based around the Battle of Qadesh. By Graham Evans and Ian Russell Lowell.

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Corvus rules front cover



Wargame Rules for Ancient Naval Warfare from 320 to 30BC by Richard Lee.

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Front cover of the Domino Double Header rules booklet

Domino Double Header


The 2011 bonus game, now available for separate purchase, actually includes two games: an Elephant in the Room, by Graham Evans, and Greyhound in the Slips, by Phil Steele. They require several sets of dominoes (not provided).

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Empire (Revised Edition)


The 2009 bonus game. A grand strategic simulation game of the Macedonian and Punic Wars from 350 to 150 BC, by Philip Sabin.

Now reprinted and available once again.

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This game of classical single combat is for two players who each have either a gladiator or a wild animal.  Play is challenging and entirely without dice, relying upon a player’s ability to outmanoeuvre and bluff his opponent.  Games are fast, with a typical combat taking 10-15 minutes and an entire multi-combat tournament can be conducted in an evening.

In our hearts, who is not, in some way, Spartacus?

This luxury remake of the Society’s most successful board game includes sturdy, pre-cut counters and no fewer than 140 ready-to-go cards – no cutting and pasting required. 

Suitable for ages 12 upwards.

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legion rulebook cover



The 2015 revision of Phil Sabin's grand-tactical classic Legion. Features fully redesigned art work, colour board and counters and 36 historical battle scenarios.

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Roma Invicta?


The 2008 bonus game. A simulation game of the first two years of Hannibal's Italian campaign during the Second Punic War, designed by by Garrett Mills and Professor Philip Sabin.

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