Slingshot 321, November/December 2018

Containing articles on

  • Guardroom
  • Procopian Warfare - by Roy Boss
  • A Different Take on Taginae - by Chris Hahn
  • Fun Fighting Fives in Falkirk - by David Knight
  • Argentoratum, AD 357 - by Patrick Waterson
  • The Society Championship Needs You - by Denis Grey
  • Slingshot Figures Reviews
  • Slingshot Book and Game Reviews

As well as all the usual features.

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Field of Glory II -

Procopian Warfare

Footsore Miniatures -

Belisarius' boukellarii: Photo by Jon -

Totila outside Rome. Painting by Chris Gregg -

A Different Take on Taginae

Maps of Battle of Taginae: Kings and Generals -

English Translation of Procopius by Professor H. B. Dewing -

Footnote 1. -

Footnote 2. -*.html

Footnote 3. -

Argentoratum, AD 357

Ammianus: Rerum Gestarum (tr. John Rolfe) -

Flavius Julianus: Orations, Panegyric in honour of Constantius -

Libanius: Funeral Oration for Julian -

Zosimus: New History, Book II -

Slingshot Figure Reviews

28mm Carroballistae by Warbases -

Slingshot Book Reviews

Triumph! Ruleset: Washington Grand Company website -