Slingshot 323, March/April 2019

Containing articles on

  • The Battle of Thapsus - by Aaron Bell
  • 6mm Accessories with 3D Printing - by David Kay
  • Over by Vespers: a Mediaeval Scenario Game - by Anthony Clipsom
  • The Battle of the Kalka River - by Periklis Deligiannis
  • Inventing Early Bronze Age Scenarios - by Steven Neate
  • Arausio Refought with DBA - by Andy Offen
  • The Long, the Short and the Flat: the Origin of the Longbow - by Anthony Clipsom
  • Slingshot Figure Reviews: 15mm early Imperial Roman Equites Auxiliares - by Mark Grindlay
  • Slingshot Figure Reviews: 28mm Viking Age Scots - by Thane Maxwell
  • Slingshot Book & Game Reviews: Roman Heavy Cavalry (1) - by Duncan Head
  • Slingshot Book & Game Reviews: Ptolemy I Soter, a Self-made Man - by Jim Webster
  • Slingshot Book & Game Reviews: Pandemic, Fall of Rome - by Gavin Pearson

As well as all the usual features.

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Slingshot 323 Internet links


The Battle of Thapsus


Caesar. The African Wars:

Caesar. The Gallic Wars:

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Simon Miller:

6mm Accessories with 3D Printing

Inventing Early Bronze Age Scenarios

Commands & Colours website:

Cadiero scenario:

The Long, the Short and the Flat


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Slingshot Book & Game Reviews

Roman Heavy Cavalry (1): Cataphractarii & Clibanaarii, 1 st Century BC - 5 th Century AD

Armour of the Cataphractarius from the ‘Roshava Dragana’ Burial Mound:

Pandemic: Fall of Rome