Slingshot 324, May/June 2019

Containing articles on

  • Guardroom
  • DBA3 - Improving the Simulation - by Joe Collins
  • Coals to Newcastle: Playing Welsh DBA Lists in Wales - by Martin Smith
  • The Early Japanese Army: Reexamining the DBA 3.0 Army Lists - by Nicholas Spratt
  • Battle Day Reports - by Roy Boss and Duncan Head
  • Simple Campaign for Danelaw Britain: A Solo or Programmed Campaign for DBA 3, Part II - by Paul Stein
  • The Battle of Montgisard, 1177AD - by Nicholas Harbud
  • Slingshot Figure Reviews:
    • Baueda 40x40mm Isolated Tower
  • Slingshot Book & Game Reviews:
    • Two Handed Sword: History, Design and Use - reviewed by Anthony Clipsom
    • Antipater's Dynasty: Alexander the Great's Regent and his Successors - reviewed by Duncan Head
    • Roman Legionaries: Soldiers of Empire - reviewed by Aaron Bell
    • With Alexander in India & Central Asia: Moving East & Back to West - reviewed by Andreas Johansson

As well as all the usual features.

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Slingshot 324 Internet links

DBA3 - Improving the Simulation

DBA3 Reference sheet -

High King of Tara

The Battle of Montgisard