Slingshot 326, September/October 2019

Containing articles on

  • Editorial
  • Guardroom
  • The Campaigns of Kwanggaeto the Great - by Nicholas Spratt
  • Paraitakene in California Times Three - by William Butler
  • Setting up a Painting Station - by Mark Grindlay
  • Gerald the Great on Battleaxe Hill: Part 1 - by Mick Hession
  • Rue the Day - by Anthony Clipsom
  • Revenge of the Scythians - by Chris Hahn

As well as all the usual features.

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Slingshot 326 Internet links

Gerald the Great on Battleaxe Hill - Part 1


Illustration Irish Warriors c. 1521 by Albrecht Durer. 28mm Galloglass miniatures:


Rue the Day


Illustrations of Welsh Spearmen and English Knights by Graham Cookson:



SoA Forum post:

Copy of Dux Bellorum:

[After December 14, 2019 this file will be removed]

Variants of Men of Harlech:

Revenge of the Scythians

Anabasis of Alexander, chap. IV:

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