Slingshot 327, November/December 2019

Containing articles on

  • Guardroom
  • Gerald the Great on Battleaxe Hill: Part 2 - by Mick Hession
  • Wargaming Knockdoe - by Mick Hession
  • When the Going Gets Tough - by David Kay
  • Paraitakene with Big Battle DBA - by Paul Murgatroyd
  • The Chronicles of the Teutonic Knights - by Paul Stein
  • Carthage vs Rome with Hail Caesar - by Steven Neate
  • The Continuing Story of DBM - by John Graham-Leigh
  • The Play’s the Thing - by Gordon Lawrence
  • Slingshot Book & Game Reviews: The Last Years of the Teutonic Knights - by Andreas Johansson
  • Slingshot Book & Game Reviews: The Great Illyrian Revolt - by Duncan Head
  • Slingshot Book & Game Reviews: Roman Legionaries: Soldiers of Empire - by Aaron Bell
  • Slingshot Book & Game Reviews: Ancient Dynasties: The Families that Ruled the Classical  World, circa 1000 BC to AD 750 - by Andreas Johansson

As well as all the usual features.

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Cover Picture

Gerald the Great on Battleaxe Hill - Part 2

Primary Sources

Book of Howth:

Irish Annals:

Secondary Sources

Online Study:

Fields of Slaughter:

Ordnance Survey Map:

The Continuing Story of DBM

Full text of DBM 3.2:

Author's website:


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