Slingshot 328, January/February 2020

Containing articles on

  • Committee Report - by Roy Boss
  • A Wargaming Rant - by Simon Watson
  • From the Ground Up - by Chris Hahn
  • The Field of Cynoscephalae: Battlefield Archaeology using Google Maps - by Richard Taylor
  • Chances Are - by Nick Harbud
  • Early Mediaeval Picts - by Hugh Coleman
  • Wargaming My Way - by Gordon Lawrence
  • Slingshot Book & Game Reviews: Battles and Battlefields of Ancient Greece: A Guide to their History, Topography and Archaeology - by Richard Taylor
  • Slingshot Book & Game Reviews: Armies of Celtic Europe, 700 BC-AD 106: History, Organization & Equipment - by Duncan Head
  • Slingshot Book & Game Reviews: The Pope’s Army. The Papacy in Diplomacy and War - by Jim Webster
  • Slingshot Book & Game Reviews: The reign of Emperor Gallienus. The Apogee of Roman Cavalry - by Jim Webster
  • Slingshot Book & Game Reviews: Lost Legion Rediscovered. The mystery of the Theban Legion - by Jim Webster
  • Slingshot Book & Game Reviews: The Battle of Edgcote 1469 - by John Curry

As well as all the usual features.

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From the Ground Up

Online discussion on terrain:

War Games Rules 1000 B.C. to 1000 A.D:

Flocked hills illustration:

Scottish mountain illustration:











The Field of Cynoscephalae

URLs and image captions



Onchestus River at Ag. Triada



Fig. 3 - the marches to the battle

Fig. 4 - modern ‘Cynoscephalae’

Fig. 5 - Philip’s route from Pherae to Skotoussa

Fig. 6 - Hammond’s battlefield

Fig 7 - the view from the Roman camp

Fig. 8 - Hammond’s ‘Roman camp’

Fig 9 - satellite view of battlefield

Fig. 10 - view from the Macedonian position

Fig 11 - uncultivated ground in the area

Fig 12 - view of the battlefield from the west

Fig 13 - overview of battle, looking south from behind the Macedonian line


Slingshot Book Reviews

Armies of Celtic Europe, 700 BC-AD 106: History, Organization & Equipment

Guerrier accroupi:

L’Armement Celtique en Europe: Chronologie de son Évolution Technologique du Ve au 1er S. av. J-C:

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