Slingshot 345, March April 2023


Society of Ancients Convention 2023


Interview with Simon McDowell

If you go down to the woods today...

Raining Arrows - the debate about the medieval arrow storm

A Dying Light in Britannia part 2

15mm Figuare Comparisons and Wargaming the Dark Ages part 2

2023 SOA Membership Survey

SOA Battle Day Round-up

Mantinea with Alala Ruleset

Mantinea with Spartans and Successors

Harry Hurdow does Battle Day

Hoplites in Messene

Naval Gazing - a Comparison of Naval Rulesets

15mm Figures Review - Peter Pig Midianite Camels

Ruleset Review - Hail Caesar 2nd Edition

Book Review - A Military Life of Constantine the Great

Book Review - The Legiones Cannenses

Book Review - The Last Great War of Antinquity

Why does it matter? - a plea from the committee


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