SOA Wargames Championship Rules


Eligible Players

Members wishing to be eligible must join the Society of Ancients for the calendar year in which the championship is being run. Only two games may be played against the same opponent.
SOA Championships run from January to December.


Eligible Games

Any game between two players and depicting conflicts between fighting forces prior to 1500AD.  Single person-to-person combat and completely imaginary armies are not eligible.


Authentication of Results

The Championship Organiser must be satisfied that the submitted result is for an eligible game between eligible players.

Results can be submitted by e-mail (to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or via the web site form. The web form is the preferred method of submission for single games, but competition organisers can send a bulk spreadsheet if needed.

Most members already have an e-mail address registered with the Society, if you have not then ensure that your first result submission attests your email address.

All results must be in the hands of the Championship Organiser within one month of the date of the game. However, the Organizer may at their discretion accept results that arrive later than a month provided the Organizer is satisfied that the results have not been deliberately delayed and that the reason for the delay was out of the control of the player.  


Calculation and Display of Results

The winner of a game gains 3 points – the loser nothing. Drawn games result in each player gaining 1 point

The total points gained by a competitor will be divided by the square root of the number of games played

The final results will include the player’s score as well as the number of games they have played.

In the event of a tie for first place the player with the most games will be considered the winner – and if this also results in a tie the player who won the most games will be the winner.



The Championship Organiser’s decision as regards eligibility and authentication of results will be final and subject only to the Committee on appeal.