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Salisbury Area

Started by Steppewarrior, December 10, 2012, 07:43:51 PM

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Hello all - and especially Fred Cartwright - sorry I did not notice your post!

I live near Salisbury, UK and would be keen to game DBA, Impetus or indeed any other 15mm ancient or medieval rules. Ready to drive reasonable distances and would prefer Friday evenings or Saturdays day or night (no early starts for work - I'm up at 05.30 during the week!).

I have a selection of 13th Century armies: Mongol, Early Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Teutonic and German.

Also 10th to 11th Century Saxon, Viking, Norse Irish, Frankish and Slav/Rus armies.   

Again Romano British & Late Roman c/w a selection of enemies - still adding figures.