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The SOA Wargames Championship is sponsored by Hinchliffe Models.

The Society runs a Wargames Championship, the rules are simple and encourage you to seek a wide range of opponents and use any set of mutually acceptable rules and scale of armies. Our aim is to make participation as easy as possible. All you have to do is arrange the game and send in the result either through the form provided on this website (preferred) or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for bulk competition results. You will need to know your Society membership number!!

There is a requirement that you play no more than two games against the same opponent. This is simply to give protection against someone rising to the top through beating a weaker player a large number of times. If you are a competition player then games that within the competition that are between two Society members can happily count in the Society Championship too.

At the end of the year the winner will be declared, be lauded in Slingshot and on this website , receive a trophy and a prize. For a year you will be entitled to announce yourself as Society of Ancients Wargames Champion at social functions. We might even run to a badge of office!

We hope the Championship will encourage members to seek each other out and play games, both with their friendship group and on a wider basis. As an international Society we’d love to have members visiting different countries , playing against each other and telling the Society community how it went. If you can play your game in an interesting location such as an ancient battlefield or castle or under the Eiffel Tower then we’d be very happy to see a picture posted.

We’d also love to see reports of games posted here, on the Forum pages, and in Slingshot in those cases where games show interesting points about a rule-set, about tactics within the rules or illuminating ancient tactics, if you have good photographs of a game then that would be of interest to our editor too.

So please, find your membership number, select an opponent , agree rules and scale and join in.


Roy Boss, SoA President